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"Glue & Clamps" The Missing Shop Manual (801561)
This manual explains how to best utilize glue and clamps -- two essential workshop tools. The Missing Shop Manual -- Glue and Clamps explains the basics of choosing the right glue and clamp for the job. From gluing boards to using clamps in furniture repair, you'll discover the techniques and tips you need to achieve woodworking success. Even if you've been woodworking for years, you will wish you had this manual when you first started out. 101 pages.

* Price: $9.95
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Fundamentals of Sharpening Book (801687)
A must have reference book for maintaining best cutting performance from your woodworking tools. Topics covered in this book include: how and why regular attention to sharpening can increase efficiency and improve quality; techniques for keeping hand tools like saws, chisels, gouges, and planes razor sharp; extending the life of power tools with well-maintained blades and bits; an illustrated gallery of tools and accessories and dozens of helpful sharpening tips and tricks. 120 pages

* Price: $14.95
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Woodworker's Guide to Wood (801688)
The Woodworker's Guide to Wood covers topics including: the unique properties of wood and how to identify them; a comprehensive directory of common and exotic woods; how to properly select, grade, and buy lumber; tips for drying, storing, and measuring moisture in wood; the basics of felling, harvesting, and working with green wood; design benefits and cost-savings of veneers and man-made boards. 160 pages

* Price: $14.95
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Setting Up Your Workshop (801689)
This book covers topics including: assessing and creatively using the space that you have; plans and instructions for building the ideal workbench; accessories that will make your shop more productive and comfortable; ingenious ideas to make the most of your storage space; how to maximize your work surfaces in a limited space; safety precautions and tips to reduce mishaps. 152 pages

* Price: $14.95
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Lathe: The Missing Shop Manual (801965)
The Missing Shop Manual--Lathe explains the basics of safety and set-up and helps you get the most for your money by getting the most from your equipment. From sharpening your tools to faceplate, bowl, and spindle turning, you'll discover the techniques and tips you need to maximize your lathe's performance. Even if you've been woodturning for years, you'll wish this was the manual that originally came with your new lathe. 152 pages

* Price: $15.95
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