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Replacement Element No.824 for Inlet Particulate Filter USV-9B Pump (252409)
Replacing the USV-9B Inlet Particulate Filter Element ensures less chance of liquid rubber contamination in mold making applications.

* Price: $29.25
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Replacement Element No.GL915 for Exhaust Filter USV-9B Pump (252411)
Replacing the USV-9B Exhaust Filter Element No.GL915 ensures clean-air discharge into the environment in mold making vacuum applications.

* Price: $68.95
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Vacuum Pump Oil USV-9B Quart (252412)
Designed for use with US Vacuum Pumps.

* Price: $41.95
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Vacuum Pump USV-9B Kit Assembly (252424)
Vacuum Pump Kit Assembly ships complete with USV-9B Pump, vacuum gauge, inlet particulate filter, and exhaust filter. These Single Stage Rotary Vane Air-Cooled vacuum pumps are capable of producing an ultimate vacuum to 29.9' Hg. Ideally suited for degassing applications in the rubber mold making process. Recommended use with Smooth-ON's Vacuum Chamber 5-Gallon and 2-Gallon units to pull the air from a high viscosity material such as silicone liquid rubbers prior to pouring.

* Price: $1469.00
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