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Hot Wire Scroll Table (226901)
Includes one speed plug-in-the-wall power supply and a 12'x14' Original Scroll Table. Scroll Table is designed to produce accurate straight edges, strips, angles, curves, cylinders, cones, etc. Simple adjustment allows for making angle cuts. Convenient for modeling buildings, slicing walls, making columns, custom signs, and much much more. Made of industrial strength ABS. Comes with four long life 8' tall cutting blades and 12 feet of tool cord. Works with both power supplies.

* Price: $82.47
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Pro Model Kit 5-in-1 w/3D Scroll Table (226906)
Variable Pro Power Station with the 3D Scroll Table. Comes with 6 various replacement blades , Stationary and Traveling Fences, Router and Vertical Lathe kits, Instruction Manual and the 85 minute Hot Wire Instructional DVD, all packaged in a sturdy tool box large enough to accomodate ALL the pro hand tools and accessories. Includes all of the following hand tools: Sculpting Tool w/tensioner, Engraving Tool, Freehand Router and 3' Hot Knife.

* Price: $446.15
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3-D Deluxe 24 inch Scroll Table (226939)
The 3-D Scroll Table features a large and sturdy 24' diameter round table of ABS construction. This ultimate multi-use professional modeling machine is a combination Scroll Table, Router, Milling Machine, and Lathe. Comes with a combination of 6 wires and blades, stationary and travelling fences, vertical lathe, milling attachments, and more. Allows for a 12' high and unlimited horizontal cut. Can only be used with Multi-Heat Pro Power Station (sold separately).

* Price: $269.00
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Scroll Table Fence & Traveling Fence (226960)
Stationary ABS plastic guide can be mounted anywhere on the Hot Wire Scroll Table surface. Includes Stationary Fence for precision slicing and unique Traveling Fence for controllable complex angles including mitered cuts. Can also be used to make cylinders and cones.

* Price: $27.93
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Crafters Mini Table Kit (226962)
Melts through EPS foam with clean precision. Easy set-up. Measures 7.5' x 11.75' with four 6.75' hot wires to cut straight edges, strips, curves and more. Mobile modeling! Make buildings, walls, columns, lettering and signs. The Crafters MiniTable Kit includes a plug-in power supply with a 12-foot lightweight cord and four spare hot wires.

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Crafters Mini Scroll Table Replacement Wires #007M

* Price: $49.96
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