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A Passion for Metal: Reflections and Techniques of a Metal Sculptor (241953)
A metal sculptor for over 30 years, Henry Harvey has created work that resides in public and private collections around the world. Now, with wit and style, Harvey divulges a rare, no-holds-barred accounting of his world of metal sculpting, from the lighting of a torch to techniques, patinas, strange commissions, peculiar customers, and as a candid insight to the genesis of his sculpture. A number of projects are illustrated and explained in exquisite detail, making this book an absolute must for everyone contemplating becoming a sculptor. But A Passion for Metal is much more than a how-to book. It is richly illustrated, its narrative offers rare insights into the creative process and the inner workings of the artist's mind. This visual and verbal feast book will be embraced by art historians, collectors, and budding sculptors alike. Author: Henry Harvey, 8.5" x 11", 160pgs, Hardback.

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Methods for Modern Sculptors (242001)
Basic reference guide to the ceramic shell casting method and patina formulations for metals. Also covered are waxes and spruing techniques, mold making, dewaxing, melting and pouring, welding, chasing, polishing conserving and preserving bronze sculptures. Author: Bob Fennell & Ron Young, 6' x 9', 292pgs, Paperback.

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Practical Casting (244562)
Illustrated techniques and complete explanations of lost-wax method, from model making to investing and burnout to casting itself. Details bronze casting, hollow wax models, gating systems, methods for building a burnout furnace as well as, sand casting techniques. Author: Tim McCreight. 122 pgs. Paperback

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The Complete Metalsmith (244563)
The Complete Metalsmith is a great resource for many familiar metal working techniques and adds many new procedures to it's already encyclopedic breadth. The straight forward text and instructive, clear drawings bring even complex techniques within everyone's reach. Author: Tim McCreight. Paperback

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Farm & Workshop Welding (802062)
A practical, visual handbook for welding in farm, home, blacksmith, auto, or school workshops. Its 10 sections describe all the major types of welds before progressing into trickier methods. With this comprehensive guide, you'll understand everything you need to know, from arc, TIG, MIG, and gas welding to plasma cutting, soldering, welding plastics, and more. Filled with helpful visuals and photography, detailed explanations, expert suggestions, and step-by-step directions, this go-to guide to welding also covers common pitfalls and mistakes, and how to avoid or correct them. Author: Andrew Pearce, 8.5" x 11", 160pgs, Paperback.

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Metal Working : Back to Shop Class (802063)
Do you know what to do if a pipe in your home leaks or the heating duct needs to be replaced? You might if you remember shop class from high school, but if not, this book can help! Go back to learning the basics of working with metal, from understanding its properties and tools to work with to the fundamentals of shaping, cutting, and fastening, even how to work with a welder. With the help of Metal Working: Back to Shop Class, its detailed descriptions, and helpful step-by-step illustrations and captions, you'll learn to tackle DIY projects yourself! Author: Skills Institure Press, 7.5" x 9", 136pgs, Paperback.

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Backyard Foundry for Home Machinists (802065)
Undertake casting with confidence! This informative resource is a go-to guide to learn everything you need to know to create your own home foundry for custom casting. Providing a wealth of useful information on materials and techniques, pattern-making, molding boxes, cores and core-boxes, and melting metals, each stage and subject is thoughtfully photographed and illustrated for a comprehensive look to get started in foundry. Author: Terry B. Aspen, 8.3" x5.8", 96pgs, Paperback.

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Art Deco Sculpture and Metalware (802067)
At the forefront of the Art Deco movement were metalware and sculpture, made by highly skilled craftsmen and artists. This book contains over 200 photographs and illustrations of Art Deco metalwares and sculptures. The author discusses Art Deco's most significant artists, as well as their predecessors and modern counterparts. He provides an introduction to the designs of Hagenauer, WMF, the Bauhaus, Ferdinand Priess, Chiparus, Brancusi, and Brandt, among other important metalworkers of the era. Value Guide. Author: Alfred W. Edward, 8.5" x11", 144pgs, Hardback(revised).

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Direct Metal Sculpture (802082)
The revised and expanded 2nd edition of Direct Metal Sculpture book featuring techniques for creating metal sculptures. New chapters update the history of direct metal sculpture over the past quarter century. Explains the impact public art programs are having on culture in our cities. Examples incorporate materials and tools that artists can explore such as MIG and TIG welding, laser jets, waterjet cutting, and blacksmithing. There is also the impact of the computer, the importance of Computer Aided Design, and of the Internet for successfully marketing one's art. Includes methods for using and adhering metals with solder and air-acetylene and oxyacetylene units. Complete reference for the properties, melting points, and potentials of the most important pure metals and alloys, ferrous and non-ferrous. There is information about equipment needed, how to use it, safety precautions, cutting methods, and details of how sculptural forms develop. Soft and hard soldering, brazing, and welding techniques used by various artists are shown. Many methods are shown for working directly with metals: iron forging, fashioning forms from found objects, repousse, combining metals with other materials, making sculpture with heat, and much more. There is also an extensive resource list. Over 475 illustrations offer ideas, inspiration, techniques, and finished examples of art that make this book a "must own" for artists, craftsmen, collectors, designers, gallery owners, museum curators, and everyone interested in metal sculpture. Historical examples show where the art has been, where it is, and who is doing it. Author: Dona Z. Meilach, 7" x 10", 224pgs, Hardback(revised).

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