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Mudwire Clay Cut-Off Wire (203138)
Mudwire clay cut-off wire tool is ideal for cutting/slicing both water-based and oil-wax based clays. Ergonomically designed, this Mudwire cut-off tool is a pleasure to use. Made with the same plastic as our ribs, it will get nicer with use. The wire is a cable of stainless steel that offers clean cuts. The Mudwire is easy on your best tools, your hands. Full extended length is 18-1/2 inches.

* Price: $8.27
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Wire Clay Cutter (K35) (800229)
Ideal for cutting and slicing lump clay as well as trimming pots and other projects on the wheel. Hardwood 3 inch toggle handles are firmly fastened to approximately 18 inches of quality stainless wire.

* Price: $5.29
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