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Atelier Clay Modeling Tools Kit 9 piece (201740)
A good basic modeling tool set, this kit of 9 modeling tools is now packaged in a canvas roll to better store and preserve the tools. Professional sculptors have chosen these tools as their "go to" sculpting implements for use in numerous mediums such as Plastilina, wax, plaster, self-hardening clay and moist clay. The AT9K includes: 2 double wire end tools; 1 single wire end modeling tool; 2 Duron modeling tools; and 4 Acacia Wood tools. Note: Tool selection may vary in each kit. Photo represents basic tool styles included per kit.

* Price: $44.61
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Artists' Choice Clay Modeling Tool Kit 10 piece (201741)
The Artist's Choice tool kit is a popular professional grade clay modeling kit among amateur and more experienced sculptors alike. The set of 10 meticulously selected modeling tools includes every primary tool necessary to work easily across multiple mediums, from oil-wax based clays, wax, and plaster, to self-hardening clay and moist clay.

* Price: $71.85
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Form-iT Detailer's Tool Kit (includes FREE Tool case) (800960)
Must-have 12-piece PRO detailing and fine modeling tool kit. Consists of high quality tools made of stainless steel construction. Pre-selected for precise detailing and fine sculpting in clays and wax materials. Includes FREE custom zipper-lock tool holder to keep tools organized and protected.

* Price: $102.00
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