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ACCU-CAST Adult Hand Cast Kit (802337)
You too can now make a hard stone casting with amazing detail of up to two adult hands using the complete Adult Hand Casting Kit. Making a hand sculpture with this kit is lots of fun and a terrific way to learn this fascinating art form.

* Price: $58.95
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ACCU-CAST Baby/Child Hand Casting Kit (802338)
Complete Baby/Child Hand Casting Kit is an easy and fun way to learn this art form. Recommended for hand casting of children up to about 7 years old. The kit is complete. EXCLUSIVE BONUS: includes a second bag of alginate just in case the first mold does not come out so well.

* Price: $31.49
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ACCU-CAST Hand Cast Family Kit (802339)
This kit yields up to 4 adult hands or some similar arrangement of adult and children's hands. The Hand Cast Family Kit comes with a Adult Hand Casting DVD, which shows the 4 quart technique from start to finish. It also includes a set of illustrated printed instructions. The final casting is hard, white and very durable. It can be painted any color you like. At a minimum, we recommend sealing the surface with a clear acrylic finish to keep it clean. Skin oils are easily transferred to an unfinished sculpture and will produce dark areas that are impossible to clean.

* Price: $76.99
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ACCU-CAST Face Casting Kit (802340)
Sometimes called a Plaster Face Cast, this complete face casting kit makes it easy to learn this fascinating process. Everything you need is included in the kit - even an extra bag of alginate just in case the first attempt does not go well. When someone wants to learn torso or head casting, we always recommend that they start by doing a face cast with the Face Casting Kit. We have found that jumping directly to the bigger, more complicated process produces a much higher percentage of failures than if the materials and process are learned on a more modest scale. This extra step, time and money, ends up saving lots of time and money later on. Once you learn the process, you will be ready to move on to larger projects.
The Accu-Cast Facegel 590 Alginate that is included with the Face Casting Kit was specifically formulated for face casting. It has ideal non - slump properties, warm water mix, and a full 5 minutes of time between the start of mixing and the final set - not too little, not too much. When molding a face cast, we recommend 4 ounces (or one quarter pound). Included in the face casting kit are the very same materials used by professional lifecasters. Recommended for adults and children over the age of about 8 years.

* Price: $53.99
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ACCU-CAST Foot Casting Kit (802341)
Perfect for making custom shoes or for the sheer delight of having a 3D stone sculpture of your feet. Used by sculptors, prosthetists and custom shoemakers. Procedure is simple enough, you could do it all by yourself. We suggest using our Mix-In-The-Bag technique so cleanup is very easy. With this kit you can make individual molds and castings of one adult sized foot - up to about size 14.

* Price: $66.99
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ACCU-CAST Full Head Casting Kit (802342)
The full head casting kit contains all the materials you'll need to produce a head cast including the neck and the tops of the shoulders. This kit does NOT contain a bald cap or mixing tools and mixing bucket. Procedure involves a two piece mold process. The back half of the head is covered only in plaster bandages and the front half includes the high level of detail only obtainable by using alginate. The finished head casting weighs about 30 pounds. It can be mounted in many different ways and can be painted any color you wish. This is a pro-level skill that, once mastered, is in high demand in the Special Effects Makeup industry as the first step in creating those amazing aliens, zombies and monsters. The full head casting is an advanced skill that is in high demand in Hollywood and anywhere special effects makeup is done.

* Price: $129.99
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ACCU-CAST Torso/Pregnancy Casting Kit (802343)
The full torso kit produces a casting from the neck down to the hips. While not a beginner project, this kit is the easiest way to create a full torso casting. Kit comes with all the materials a professional would use to make a torso cast. Procedure takes about 30 minutes of the models time and another 30 minutes of your time. The casting can be painted and displayed on a wall using the included hook.

* Price: $127.28
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