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DIY Protective Faceshield Instructional Video (802306)
Smooth-ON video shows how to quickly make 'home-made' plastic faceshields from a 3D printed frame featuring Mold Star 16 silicone rubber and Smooth Cast 65D urethane resin. A mold is made of a 3D printed face shield bracket using Mold Star 16 fast setting silicone. After demolding, Smooth-Cast 65D liquid plastic resin is poured into the mold. Smooth-Cast 65D is impact resistant. A thin layer of Sil-Poxy silicone adhesive is applied to the Smooth-Cast 65D resin casting where it will contact the skin for cushioning. Holes are punched in a sheet of plastic which is mounted to the shield bracket, along with a rubber band to hold the shield in place.

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