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Turbine Vibrator ATU-22 with reducer (240206)
The Turbine Vibrator Model ATU-22 maintains speed and efficiency over time due to its construction which makes the ATU-22 lubrication-free. Turbine Vibrators operate at low noise levels to comply with OSHA Standards. Turbine design achieves low air consumption by maintaining a constant speed. Suitable for displacing air from plaster, gypsum, and concrete mixtures upon casting into molds.

See technical bulletin for application instructions.

Sintered Muffler No. 240207 sold separately.

* Price: $399.00
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Sintered Vibrator Muffler 1/8 inch (240207)
The Sintered Muffler will reduce noise when attached to the Turbine Vibrator Model ATU-22 No. 240206.

* Price: $13.99
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Replacement Element No.824 for Inlet Particulate Filter USV-9B Pump (252409)
Replacing the USV-9B Inlet Particulate Filter Element ensures less chance of liquid rubber contamination in mold making applications.

* Price: $29.25
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Replacement Element No.GL915 for Exhaust Filter USV-9B Pump (252411)
Replacing the USV-9B Exhaust Filter Element No.GL915 ensures clean-air discharge into the environment in mold making vacuum applications.

* Price: $68.95
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Vacuum Pump Oil USV-9B Quart (252412)
Designed for use with US Vacuum Pumps.

* Price: $41.95
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Smooth-On Vacuum Chamber 5-Gallon (252414)
The Smooth-On 5-Gallon Vacuum Chambers are easy to use and provide effortless deairing and degasification of silicone rubber, epoxies and urethane compounds. These vacuum chambers improve performance of all mold making materials that benefit from first removing the air from material to be molded, such as silicone, epoxies and urethanes. This vacuum chamber requires the USV-9B vacuum pump (sold separately). Chamber includes vacuum gauge, acrylic lid and vacuum air hose. Capacity 5-gallon.

* Price: $709.00
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Smooth-On Pressure Chamber 5 Gallon (252415)
Pressure chambers are used to create bubble-free castings. Ships with wheel assemblies and bracket hardware. Capacity: Five gallon. Compressor sold separately.

* Price: $849.00
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Vacuum Pump USV-9B Kit Assembly (252424)
Vacuum Pump Kit Assembly ships complete with USV-9B Pump, vacuum gauge, inlet particulate filter, and exhaust filter. These Single Stage Rotary Vane Air-Cooled vacuum pumps are capable of producing an ultimate vacuum to 29.9' Hg. Ideally suited for degassing applications in the rubber mold making process. Recommended use with Smooth-ON's Vacuum Chamber 5-Gallon and 2-Gallon units to pull the air from a high viscosity material such as silicone liquid rubbers prior to pouring.

* Price: $1469.00
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Ladle Bowl w/17" handle 4-1/4"Dia. x 2-3/8"H (801964)
Made of carbon steel formed from 10 gage deep-drawn steel with sturdy handle. Suitable for pouring low melt metal alloys such as pewter.

* Price: $40.69
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Smooth-On Vacuum Chamber 2-Gallon (802824)
Vacuum systems (vacuum chamber and vacuum pump that pulls 29 inches of mercury) are used to remove the air from high viscosity materials like silicone rubber before pouring. They are also ideal for vacuum degassing liquid plastics (such as Crystal Clear Series resins) for making bubble free castings. This easy to use vacuum chamber is tough plastic. The lid is made from shatter resistant acrylic and features a rubber gasket that creates a positive, air tight seal for maximum vacuum.This vacuum chamber requires the USV-9B vacuum pump (sold separately). Includes hose. Easy to read gauge lets you know if your vacuum pump is pulling the required 29in. of mercury.

* Price: $469.00
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