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"Mold Making, Casting & Patina" Book (202475)
An instructional book on mold making and casting.

* Price: $25.93
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Powertex & Stone Art Book (203765)
An excellent 'how to' guide for using Powertex and Stone Art. This book is ideal for the novice as well as the more experienced Powertex artist. Clear, easily readable instructions with large color photos make this a resource you will refer to over and over again. Contains a variety of projects from realistic and abstract sculpture to mixed media and canvas art. Author: Betty Nagel. 50 pages (8 x 11).

* Price: $31.95
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Reel Tips & Tricks (203994)
This book is a quick reference for creating out of kit make-up effects. It outlines and demonstrates with product detail a variety of out of kit make-up effects. It's purpose is to educate and inspire the new and established make-up artist alike. There are countless ways to approach any make-up, so with that in mind Randy Daudlin called upon a number of his peers to help collaborate in the creating of this book. True artists, they are generously sharing a few of their tips and tricks. The make-ups presented are unique to them and are part of their out of kit arsenal. 154 Pages.

* Price: $48.95
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Hurt 'em Reel Good (203995)
This book was written as a reference to help anyone asked to create basic Make-up Effects. The techniques that follow have been used by Mr. Daudlin countless times, and they can be called upon to create a myriad of characters. No cumbersome equipment or weeks of preparation is required. All the casualty simulations outlined can be created out of a properly stocked kit. Included are 43 make-ups covering burns, bruising, character effects and aging to name a few. There are 13 formulas, 6 tricks, storyboards, and over 476 colour photographs comprising 196 pages of easy-to-follow information that will inspire countless characters and illusions.

* Price: $49.95
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Modeling the Figure in Clay (232100)
An instructional book on sculpting with clay.

* Price: $25.95
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Dynamic Anatomy (232115)
Anatomical reference book.

* Price: $34.95
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Materials and Methods of Sculpture (232120)
A complete guide to sculpting and materials.

* Price: $27.00
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Modeling the Head in Clay (232125)
An in-depth guide to sculpting the human head in clay.

* Price: $24.95
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Portrait in Clay (232165)
A step by step guide to portrait sculpting.

* Price: $33.95
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Dynamic Figure Drawing (232170)
A visual reference for action figure drawing and sculpting.

* Price: $26.95
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