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» How to Make Ear Saver Comfort Bars
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DIY Ear Saver Comfort Bars Instructional Video (802356)
Smooth-ON video shows how to make Ear Saver Comfort Bars featuring Mold Star 20T silicone rubber and Smooth Cast 65D liquid plastic. Wearing face masks, respirators or similar that are secured by elastic bands can cause irritation around the ears. Over extended periods, this can result in irritation, skin trauma and severe disconfort. Smooth-On presents a solution to this problem via a 3D printed rigid master pattern, whereby a production gang mold made of Mold Star 20T silicone rubber is used to cast 'Ear Saver Comfort Bars' using Smooth Cast 65D semi-rigid liquid plastic. Cured Comfort Bars are tough and durable with some flexibility. Using this device, the pressure of elastic bands is diverted to a different part of the head and ear trauma is eliminated.

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The Ear Saver Comfort Bars 3D print file can be found here: www.thingiverse.com


Mold Star 20T Silicone Rubber

Smooth Cast 65D Liquid Urethane Resin

Ease Release 200 Release Agent

FORM iT Modeling Clay

Metal Shim Roll

Graduated Mixing Containers

Mixing Sticks

Adult supervision required. Keep out of reach of children.