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Free Form Air FIRE SAFE Epoxy Putty Gallon Kit 11Lb (802276)
Free Form AIR Fire Safe is a lightweight epoxy putty that certifies to the highest flame rating available (E84, Class A). This is a low odor, low shrinkage putty that is unique, inexpensive and easy to use. Free Form AIR Fire Safe is mixed by hand with a 1A:1B by volume mix ratio. It offers a long working time and cures overnight at room temperature to a rigid epoxy that is very strong. It can be sanded, shaped and drilled. It will readily accept any paint. Free Form AIR Fire Safe can also be color pigmented with UVO or Ignite colorants. size: Gallon Kit 11 Lbs



Press Into a Mold
After mixing, Free Form AIR Fire Safe can be pressed into a mold to make a lightweight, detailed casting.

Apply to Vertical Surfaces
Free Form AIR Fire Safe will hold vertical surfaces and can be applied to almost any surface including polystyrene foam for rough sculpting. Free Form AIR Fire Safe is suitable for interior and exterior theming applications and general sculpting. Can be used to make hyper-realistic trees, vines, rocks, and other display elements.

Pot Life/Working Time
This material is mass sensitive. The more material you mix at one time, the less time you have to work with it. If mixing a large quantity, flatten putty with a rolling pin to reduce mass concentration and extend pot life.

Thickness; 1.5 inch (3.81 cm) - pot life is 30 minutes, handling time is 2.5 hours, full cure in 24 hours.
Thickness; 3/8' (0.95 cm) - pot life is 60 minutes, handling time is 4 hours, full cure in 24 hours.
Thickness; 1/8' (0.32 cm) - pot life is 120 minutes; handling time is 8 hours, full cure in 24 hours.