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* Price: $237.95

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Permalac 2K Satin 4 Quart (1 Gallon) Kit (2-part) (802108)
This is a satin finish, two-part product consisting of the Permalac 2KA (satin) Clear Coating and Permalac 2KB Hardener, designed for severe duty applications such as fountain art which is ceaselessly pounded by water jets. Note that Permalac 2K can be tinted with tinting additives and that it is a coating component of Peacock Laboratories PChrome spray chrome system. Permalac 2K protects against UV and corrosion and forms a crystal clear, solvent-resistant hard barrier on copper, brass, and other surfaces. Coverage is 350 square feet per mixed gallon. This product has a six month shelf life from date of manufacture. Total kit volume: One Gallon