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Art Embossing Sea Green Foil Sheet 60 inch (801612)
Extra soft and pliable 100% SEA GREEN colored aluminum foil embossing metal sheet can be used to accent hundreds of your favorite craft projects. A fine point stylus is all that is needed to trace a pattern into the metal. Light sheet weight is perfect for intricate detail patterns and decoration of lightweight objects such as greeting cards and gift tags. Size: 9.25in. x 60in. SEA GREEN colored ALUMINUM FOIL Light Wgt.

Place ArtEmboss metal sheet on a soft surface or rubber mat. Trace or draw an original design, or tape a pattern onto the sheet. Lightly trace a pattern onto the metal with the fine point stylus. For a 'puffy' embossed design, flip the metal over and re-trace around the lines several times. Emboss into the puffy areas using a blending stump or eraser end of a pencil to achieve depth.

To add a texture to the background, etch lines, dots or circles using a fine point stylus.

TIP: ArtEmboss metal sheets can also be used with most punches, stamps, and embossing/die cutting systems.

Cut out design and apply to a card or project using adhesive. To add permanence, fill in the back of the design with plaster, casting wax or resin.

To patina, apply paint before mounting. After a few minutes rub off, dry, and polish or apply acrylic or lacquer sealers as desired.

Caution: Sharp edges, handle with care.

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