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PROSTHETICS Magazine Issue No.8 2017 (801354)
Issue No.8 This Eighties Special Issue features articles including: The Alien Factor Legacy Effects' Lindsay MacGowan, Shane Mahan and their key team members discuss the tricky brief for their superb work on Guardians of the Galaxy:Vol. 2, Brushing Up on Mould Making Anthony Davies takes us through making a silicone brush up negative master mould of a full head cast, a time efficient alternative to matrix moulds, Creating 'Covenant' Joe Nazzaro talks to UK- based Creatures Inc. and Sydney's Odd Studio about their combined work to create the aliens, artefacts and effects for Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, Latex Appliances: Part 1 In the first of a multi-part tutorial, Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni bring us their knowledge from both sides of the Atlantic about working with liquid or 'pre-vulcanised' latex, Product Spotlight Neill Gorton asks experts Lisa Munro and Tim Gore to analyse the leading lights in the airbrush market, Dear Neill... 1980s style no-response advice on your prosthetics problems from one of the industry's straightest talkers, From The Thing to Thriller Joe Nazzaro reminisces with a host of big makeup FX names about the Golden Age of the craft, How to Set Up Your Own Workshop Netherlands-based makeup FX artist and teacher Lawrence Kelatow on the essential requirements for setting up your own work space, The 80s Anthology Sights, sounds and personal snapshots of a monumental era: some of makeup FX's enduring leaders share memories of making their first forays into a new industry, and The B-Sides Film and TV prosthetics that didn't make the screen. This issue's subject: Vincent Guastini's work for the prequel of infamous 1982 John Carpenter horror classic The Thing.