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BR Craftsman Mix 50Lb Bag (CMIX050) (801281)
This is the enhanced version of Buddy's original concrete countertop mix. It is an artisan concrete blend designed to exhibit clay like properties in the wet state. The consistency of the mix lends itself for use with Buddy's signature press technique, applying up vertical surfaces with minimal molding and simplicity of application. This mix is also ideal for troweling, and can be plasticized to create a pourable mix. The mix uses all white ingredients, naturally curing to a bone white. The mix can be pigmented to any color using the BR Color Series, Custom Color, or with our Pure Pigments. The mix has all of the necessary high performance ingredients preblended, including curing polymer, such that only water and necessary reinforcement need to be added. The workability of the mix can be changed with the addition of our series of water reducers. Primary reinforcement can be achieved using our series of reinforcing fibers. NOTE: BR Countertop Mix is similar to the Craftsman Mix without the dry polymer. Size: 50 Lb Bag


  • Set aside +/- 30% of your dry mix.
  • Add water and water reducer to 70% of your dry ingredients and mix until fully blended.
  • After initial blending, add any pigments you are using. Blend until homogeneous.
  • Slowly add the remaining dry ingredients into the mix. Blend until homogeneous.
  • For GFRC Backer Mixes - Slowly add the AR Glass Fiber, blend until homogeneous. Temper with Water Reducer as needed for desired consistency.
  • Overmixing of the glass fiber can cause the fiber to break down. Do not mix glass fiber longer than 2 minutes. It is best to mix only as long as necessary for the fiber bundles to disperse through the mix.

This mix is typically cast at 1.25" to 1.5" thick. It can be cast thinner, particularly with the use of AR Glass Fibers in the backer mix, but consideration must be given in the handling and support of the piece.

  • Coverage: +/- 5 sq. ft. at 1" thick.
  • Cement Content: 20.5 lb

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