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PROSTHETICS Magazine Issue No.6 2017 (801033)
Issue No.6 Featured articles include: Adventures in the Creature Trade Joe Nazzaro talks to Dave and Lou Elsey about their incredible, enduring success as collaborators in screen prosthetics, Jargon Buster Laura Barnes clears up the confusing terminology surrounding taking and storing good quality images of your work, Animatronics Renaissance Part two of our in-depth discussion with Spectral Motion's Mike Elizalde and Mark Setrakian about their work at the forefront of animatronics, A Lesson in Latex, or Fun with Foam The second of a two-part tutorial from Stuart Bray and Todd Debreceni, combining experience from both sides of the Atlantic on working with foam latex, The 101 Year Old Man Love Larson and Eva von Bahr talk to Joe Nazzaro about creating the prosthetics for the further misadventures of a centenarian, Product Spotlight Long-standing UK prosthetics designer and educator Stuart Conran's top ten uses for Kryolan Fixing Spray, Special FX Contact Lenses Industry-leading contact lens manufacturers Cantor & Nissel give us an essential education in the issues surrounding special FX contact lenses, FX Cribs Jonah Levy and Matthew Silva lift the lid on the new Atlanta premises of Blue Whale Studios, now running in tandem with the company's Orlando workshop, What's Cookin'? California based artist Vincent Damyanovich's expert opinion on choosing and using ovens for FX work, Deconstructing Disguise Makeup Neill Gorton examines the considerations, skills and psychology behind successfully concealing identity.