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EpoxAcast 650 BLACK Quart 3 Lbs (800666)
EpoxAcast® 650 Black is a mineral filled general purpose casting epoxy that is low cost and versatile. It features a low mixed viscosity for minimal bubble entrapment. Choose Fast, Medium or Slow catalyst to fit your project. You can also use HT Hardener to give your castings higher heat resistance. EpoxAcast® 650 is used for making hard dies for metal stamping as well as patterns and fixtures. It is also used for electrical encapsulation to extend the life cycles and enhance the performance of potted electronic devices. The high compressive strength of EpoxAcast® 650 makes it ideal for making stamping dies for production pressing of metal ornaments.

Note: Epoxy Hardener sold separately. See technical bulletin for ratios and hardener options.

Epoxy Hardener Options:
101 FAST Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 650:
Mix ratio: 100A:12B by weight
Pot Life: 20 min.
Cure Time: 1 hour (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 30 mins. (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

102 MEDIUM Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 650:
Mix ratio: 100A:13B by weight
Pot Life: 90 min.
Cure Time: 4 hours (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 2 hours (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

103 SLOW Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 650:
Mix ratio: 100A:14B by weight
Pot Life: 3.5 hours
Cure Time: 24 hours (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 6 hours (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

When used with EpoxAcast 650:
Mix ratio: 100A:10B by weight
Pot Life: 3 hours
Cure Time: 24 hours followed by heat cure schedule - see technical bulletin

PAINTING Cured EpoxAcast® 650 can be painted and/or primed and then painted with acrylic enamel paints. Let paint fully dry before putting part into service.

APPLYING RELEASE AGENT: This product is adhesive and will bond to many surfaces. For epoxy to epoxy applications where adhesion is not desired, an application of paste wax followed by Ease Release® 2125 PVA. For other surfaces such as metal or plastic, a silicone based spray release such as Universal Mold Release may be used to prevent adhesion.

Removing Epoxy ÔÇô Uncured / Non-curing epoxy: Scrape as much material as possible from the surface using a scraper. Clean the residue with E-POX-EE KLEENER┬«, lacquer thinner, acetone or alcohol. Follow safety warnings pertaining to solvents and provide adequate ventilation.

EpoxAcast / EpoxAmite Hardener Reference Bulletin