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Worbla Black Full Sheet 39in(100cm) x 59in(150cm) (800649)
Worbla Black Art is a heat formable, solvent free non-toxic modelling thermoplastic. Worbla can be shaped by using hot air, water or steam. Worbla is now available in three varieties namely Brown, Black, and Transparent. Used throughout the film, theatre, hobby, and manufacturing industries. Worbla can be shaped by hand, molded, vacuum formed, or even applied directly to the body to achieve desired forms. Easily create sculpture, props, armor, masks, decorative ornaments, figurines, costume jewellery, blade replicas, etc. Size: Full Sheet 39in(100cm) x 59in(150cm)


Worbla Specifications

Brown Worbla

  • Working temperature range : 50C (122F) to 60C (140F)
  • The standard of costumers and cosplayers
  • Economical, durable, reusable

Black Worbla

  • Working temperature range : 65C (149F) to 80C (176F)
  • Uniform color
  • Smoother overall texture
  • Ideal for hard-edged and high-detailed models
  • NEW FORMULATION allows for improved adhesion while retaining same cutting, shaping and priming properties. Worbla Black is more brittle especially when cool. Allow to warm to room temperature before handling if the product is exposed to cooler environments.

Transparent Worbla

  • Working temperature range : 90C (194F) to 120C (248F)
  • Higher working temperature and longer open time
  • Suitable for vacuum forming
  • Ideal for making displays, visors, helmets and casings for LED lights

Worbla thermoplastics conform to ASTM D-4236 standards certified non-toxic.

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