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Deluxe Baby Doll Sculpting Kit (800029)
The Deluxe Baby Doll Sculpting Kit features a versatile sculpting stand and is built upon an easy to use "plug and play" design. Kit includes Wire Limb Attachments consisting of two sets of fabricated wire armature arms and legs. Perfect for sculpting arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet, tails, etc. Wire armatures easily bend to shape or form for sculpting. Bendable and poseable copper tubing removes conveniently and easily from stem for sculpting and detail work. Wire armature attachments can be used for sculpting full size baby doll figures or 1:4 scale figures. The engineered plastic Ball & Socket adjustable design allows for convenient maneuverability using only a single tool operation. The unit can be clamped or bolted down to your work table. The sculpting head forms are constructed of impact resistant plastic suitable for polymer based heat curing clays. Head form becomes malleable during heat curing process, preventing cracking on finished pieces. The hollow resin heads conveniently and easily remove from stand. Head Form Sizes:: Large 3-1/2" dia. by 11-1/2" circumference, Small 3" dia. by 10-1/4" circumference.

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How do I make a silicone baby doll?

The following in depth explanation as presented by Jennifer Sussmann provides a good approach to the procedure.

Scroll through image below for in depth illustrations.