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FOAM-iT! 26 Rigid Foam Gallon Kit 15.2 Lbs (799771)
FOAM-iT!® 26 is a high density rigid foam that is very hard and very strong. All FOAM-iT!® products can be used as a straight casting material, backfill material for hollow castings (adds structural strength) or as an encapsulation material, etc. They can be color pigmented using SO-Strong liquid pigments and are used for a variety of art/craft, industrial design and special effect applications. Foam-iT! 26 expands up to 2 times original volume. Specific Volume = 61 to 72 cu.in./Lb.

Smooth-On's FOAM-iT!® Series consists of two-component rigid foams that are versatile and easy to use. FOAM-iT!® products are available in 3lb., 5 lb., 8 lb., 10 lb.,15 lb. or 26 lb. per cubic foot densities. Parts A and B are measured and mixed in equal amounts by volume (Note: FOAM-iT!® 8 is measured and mixed 2A:1B by weight). The mixture is then poured into a mold or other form (apply release agent if necessary). The mixture will expand many times original volume (depending on which FOAM-iT!® product you are using) and develop a uniform cell structure.

FOAM-IT!® 3, 5, 10, 15 and 26 are tack-free in about 4 - 6.5 minutes, developing handling strength in 20 minutes and full cure in 2 hours.

FOAM-iT!® 10 SLOW is a 10 lb. density foam with a longer, 3.5 minute working time, taking 1 hour to reach handling strength and 4 hours to cure. FOAM-iT!® 10 SLOW is designed for large-pour applications and can be used for a variety of industrial, art-related and special effects applications.

FOAM-iT!® 8 is a unique, self-skinning foam with a finer, more uniform cell structure than the other FOAM-iT!®

FOAM-iT!® 26 is a high density rigid foam that is very hard and very strong.

FOAM-iT!® 8, 15 or 26 can be cast in blocks as a machineable prototype modeling board.

Recommended release agent is Ease Release 2831