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EZ Spray FlexFoam 3x1500ml Cartridges_min=80 cases (799521)
EZ-Spray FlexFoam is a flexible polyurethane foam compound that can be conveniently sprayed using Smooth-On's EZ-Spray Junior System. Foam cures quickly to a strong, lightweight 7 Lb/cu.ft. (approx.) flexible foam, with an expansion of 7 times, Pot-Life of 10 seconds, and can be used for a variety of special effects and industrial applications. See technical bulletin.

Refer to Smooth-On's EZ-Spray Junior manual and video before using. Consists of 3 sets of cartridges, each set containing 1500ml of material (Part A + Part B).

Special Order Item. Manufacturer minimum order requirement is 80 cases.