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Shell Shock FAST 5 Gallon Kit 60Lb (799480)
Shell Shock FAST and Shell Shock SLOW are thixotropic plastics that self thicken when mixed and can be brushed onto a variety of surfaces or into rubber molds. When Parts A and B are mixed in proper proportion (1A:4B by volume or 1A:5B by weight), material cures at room temperature with virtually no shrinkage to a hard, durable plastic that exhibits good compressive and flexural strength. Fully cured castings are rigid and can be sanded, primed and painted. Color effects are possible by adding SO-Strong Color Tints.

Shell Shock plastics are ideal for making fast, lightweight rigid molds for creating silicone appliances and effects (use as a replacement for 'stone molds'). You can also brush a 'gel coat' into a rubber mold and back it up with rigid foam, creating a highly detailed lightweight casting. These products can also be brushed onto styrofoam (polystyrol) as an impact resistant coating that can be sanded, primed and painted (minimum 3 coats recommended). Shell Shock plastics can also be used to make rigid support shells for brush on rubber molds.


Shell Shock FAST working time is 3 minutes.
Shell Shock SLOW working time is 8 minutes.

Shell Shock FAST - full cure 1 hour at 3/8' thickness
Shell Shock SLOW - full cure 5 hours at 3/8' thickness