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EpoxAcast 655 Five Gallon 62 Lbs (798311)
EpoxAcast® 655 (formerly Metalset® A-30) is a versatile aluminum filled castable epoxy that is very hard and strong. It is dimensionally stable, even when mass cast up to 512 in3/ 8,390 cm3. Different hardener speed options are available depending on your project requirements. Maximum heat resistance is achieved using HT HIGH TEMP hardener (up to 225°F/108°C).

Cured EpoxAcast® 655 epoxy has high physical properties and is used for a variety of applications including making hard tooling, vacuum forming dies/molds, injection molds, foundry patterns, jigs and fixtures and metal forming dies. Depending on project requirements, Part A Base can be mixed with 101 FAST, 102 MEDIUM, 103 SLOW or HT HIGH TEMP hardeners.

Note: Epoxy Hardener sold separately. See technical bulletin for ratios and hardener options.

Epoxy Hardener Options:
101 FAST Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 655:
Mix ratio: 100A:10B by weight
Pot Life: 30 min.
Cure Time: 3 hours (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 90 mins. (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

102 MEDIUM Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 655:
Mix ratio: 100A:11B by weight
Pot Life: 75 min.
Cure Time: 9 hours (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 135 mins. (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

103 SLOW Hardener
When used with EpoxAcast 655:
Mix ratio: 100A:12B by weight
Pot Life: 3.5 hours
Cure Time: 24 hours (@ 73┬░F/23┬░C) or 195 mins. (@ 150┬░F/60┬░C)

When used with EpoxAcast 655:
Mix ratio: 100A:8B by weight
Pot Life: 4 hours
Cure Time: 24 hours followed by heat cure schedule - see technical bulletin

PAINTING Cured EpoxAcast® 655 can be painted and/or primed and then painted with acrylic enamel paints. Let paint fully dry before putting part into service.

APPLYING RELEASE AGENT: This product is adhesive and will bond to many surfaces. For epoxy to epoxy applications where adhesion is not desired, an application of paste wax followed by Ease Release® 2125 PVA. For other surfaces such as metal or plastic, a silicone based spray release such as Universal Mold Release may be used to prevent adhesion.

Removing Epoxy ÔÇô Uncured / Non-curing epoxy: Scrape as much material as possible from the surface using a scraper. Clean the residue with E-POX-EE KLEENER┬«, lacquer thinner, acetone or alcohol. Follow safety warnings pertaining to solvents and provide adequate ventilation.

EpoxAcast / EpoxAmite Hardener Reference Bulletin