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Smooth-On Vacuum Chamber 5-Gallon (252414)
The Smooth-On 5-Gallon Vacuum Chambers are easy to use and provide effortless deairing and degasification of silicone rubber, epoxies and urethane compounds. These vacuum chambers improve performance of all mold making materials that benefit from first removing the air from material to be molded, such as silicone, epoxies and urethanes. This vacuum chamber requires the USV-9B vacuum pump (sold separately). Chamber includes vacuum gauge, acrylic lid and vacuum air hose. Capacity 5-gallon.

Vacuum systems (vacuum chamber and vacuum pump that pulls 29 inches of mercury) are used to remove the air from high viscosity materials like silicone rubber before pouring. They are also ideal for vacuum degassing liquid plastics (such as Crystal Clear plastic) for making bubble free castings. Pressure tanks are used to pressurize castings and reduce bubbles in cast pieces. Particularly useful when casting clear materials. These easy to use vacuum desiccator chambers are constructed of high quality aluminum. The lid is made from shatter resistant acrylic and features a rubber gasket that creates a positive, air tight seal for maximum vacuum. Designed in mind for the versatile mold maker. They can handle 5-gallon mixing containers internally for vacuum degassing.

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Product Specifications:
Vacuum Pump Air Consumption: 8 CFM
Recommended Supply Pressure: 80 psi
Inside Dimensions: 14' (35.56 cm) diameter opening x 15' (38.1 cm) tall