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Traditional Brown Patina Japanese Brown 8oz (249211)
Japanese Brown is a brown patina for iron and steel, which may be applied hot or cold. Japanese Brown patina will create a golden color on bronze, brass, and copper. Size: 8oz

This patina may also be used on bronze, brass and copper but is mainly used on iron and steel. If applied to bronze, brass or copper, a golden color will result. On iron and steel, a brown rust will form when applied cold. When applied to heated steel, a dark chocolate brown will form. If the metal is smooth it will be a shiny patina. If the metal surface is sandblasted it will look more satin. Heat will darken the color as well as make it less mottled. If applied cold, rinsing is not mandatory, but you must leave the patina alone for 24 hours before applying a clear sealer. If applying Japanese Brown hot, rinsing is not necessary. Do not use on aluminum, galvanized metals or stainless steel.

Japanese Brown applied cold on cold rolled steel. Sealed with Ever Clear two part acrylic urethane clear coat. Patina by Israel Garcia.