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Modern Masters Master Clear Semi-Gloss 32oz (248121)
Modern Masters' MasterClear interior/exterior topcoat, is a water-based, one part, self-crosslinking, aliphatic polyurethane/acrylic non-yellowing topcoat. MasterClear is formulated with both UV absorbers and UV inhibitors mar and slip aids, to create the best possible protection for Metallic Paint Collection paints without affecting the metallic shimmer. The inherent high abrasion resistance of MasterClear also extends the service life of Metallic Paints on high-traffic interior surfaces and exceeds 3,000 scrub cycles. Note: Other clear topcoats may dull and otherwise ruin the shimmering appearance of Metallic Paint Collection paints. Available in a Satin (ME664), Semi-Gloss (ME662) sheens. Finish: Semi-Gloss Size: 32oz

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