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Renaissance Wax Polish 3 Litre (241402)
RENAISSANCE WAX State-of-the-Art Wax Polish is used by conservators and museums worldwide to enhance and protect their collections. This acid free wax retards tarnishing, cleans, conserves, and preserves patinas. It is non-staining and non-discolouring. Its smooth and creamy consistency keeps for years. Size: 3 Litre can


Renaissance Wax has a crystalline structure much finer than totally natural waxes, a property that confers a highly efficient moisture resistance. Countless statues and monuments in city streets are now protected by Renaissance Wax from weathering corrosion. Arms and armour, steel and kitchen equipment of brass and copper in historic house museums are kept bright and corrosion-free.

When thinly applied and rubbed out to full lustre, the wax film is and remains glass-clear with no discoloration either of the wax or the underlying surface. Renaissance Wax is free from acids (pH neutral) and will not damage even sensitive materials. For example, photographs for exhibition or of historic value are waxed to protect the image from the natural acidity of hand or environmental pollutants. The wax does not stain or darken even white paper.

On furniture or wood carvings the wax delicately enhances grain patterns. It protects existing finishes such as french polish and it can be applied directly to sanded, unfinished hardwoods without need of scalers.

No matter how often the wax is used there is no loss of clarity, so that fine surface detail is never obscured. Repeated use of the wax deepens the lustre, reflecting more light from surfaces and making them more brilliant.

Greasy dirt on waxed surfaces is easily removed by gentle use of a soft rag dampened with parafin; alternatively, warm water with a little liquid soap. Neither cleaning method will harm the wax film.

Should surface repair or restoration be needed, Renaissance Wax can be completely removed by rubbing with white spirit (a petroleum distillate). In professional fine-art conservation all treatments must be 'reversible' without damage to the original surface, to allow use of a better technique.

Paper kites and model airplanes can be water-proofed. The wax reduces 'drag' on model boats racing in the water.

Protects marble stone, leather apparel and shoes of all colors to a brilliant shine.

Makers/restorers of violins, cellos and guitars use the wax to protect the varnish from players' natural acid contact and also from the sticky powdery residue of rosin on bow hair.

Great for automotive restoration and maintenance in all weather. Renaissance Wax may be applied to painted surfaces, bright metals, rubber or plastic seals, leather upholstery. The dry film 'flows' under pressure and will not fracture when the seat is sat on.

When applied correctly -- in thin layers -- the wax is extremely economical in use, so that its initial cost compares very favourably with ordinary commercial waxes. In room temperature, with the can firmly capped, Renaissance Wax has a shelf-life of many years. This is due mainly to the extraordinary solvent-retention power of the wax. It will remain in perfect condition long after other waxes have caked hard and become useless.