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Black Pearl Soapstone (235800)
Dense black with occasional green overtones. Holds together and polishes well. Can be carved with hand tools. This particular stone is as hard as some alabaster stones. Base not included. Sold by the pound.
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  • BLACK PEARL Soapstone is dense, close-grained, with practically no stratification or natural cleavage lines and has a high transverse strength and high resistance to crushing. It resists the tendency to split, flake, chip or spall, even under extreme temperatures For these reasons, it lends itself perfectly to the processes of sculptural carving. No other natural stone can be worked in like manner and retain the sharp corners, smooth surfaces and fine detail distinctive of a sculpture executed in this unique stone.
  • BLACK PEARL is so dense as to be practically non-absorbent - tests have shown an absorption, by weight, of only a fraction of 1% of moisture; and this is only a mere surface penetration which quickly dries off. Because of its non-absorbent qualities, combined with chemical inertness, making it acid-and-alkali resistant, it is practically non-staining and excellent for outdoor sculpture. Slight stains that may occur are only on the surface and are easily removed by sanding.
  • BLACK PEARL's color is a pleasing gray, reflecting light freely, yet not showing dirty marks. When sealed with wax or oil the color turns to a deep rich hue of black, affording a remarkable range of light and shade for the sculptural pallet.
  • Ideal stone for sculpture classes being of the highest quality, it facilitates the teaching process by allowing students to spend more time exploring sculptural concepts rather than encountering difficulties related to the stone itself. Each piece of BLACK PEARL is checked thoroughly before shipment to ensure that it is free of faults, fissures, and hard inclusions. These imperfections can be especially frustrating for the beginning carver. The stone can be worked with a minimum number of basic tools.
    Testing for Quality - Take a woodcarving chisel or knife blade and scrape an area flat. If the stone texture is consistent, there will be no bumps or hard spots and will carve well. In most cases, a fault can be seen by wetting the stone and watching it dry. If the stone has a fault, you will see lingering wetness along the fault line as the stone dries.

Carving stones are available in freeform shapes only. Stones will not be cut to specific shapes and/or sizes. Weight for most stones will be in the range of 25 Lbs to 75 Lbs. Some stones available in heavier pieces up to approx. 125 Lbs. When completing "quantity amount", please enter approximate weight of stone required. We will confirm availabliity prior to processing your order. Pricing listed on a per pound basis.

Formula to calculate approximate weight of your stone :
(Length x Width x Height) / 1728 = Cubic Footage of Stone
Cubic Footage x 180 = Stone Weight in Lbs

Carving stones are products of nature. Any irregularities found within these stones are beyond our control. Although these stones are carefully selected, we reserve the right to decline any responsibility for such imperfections. Any exchanges will be made strictly upon the discretion of Sculpture Supply Canada.