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* Price: $314.18

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Compound Bow Cutter 2'x4' (226914)
Compound Bow Cutter quickly and conveniently cuts 4' by 8' blocks or sheets of foam into manageable sizes. Built for pros, it's fast and agile and built to last. Thick round tough rubber coated tubing allows for a firm comfortable grip. Cuts fast, wide, deep or both: configure it at either 2' or 4' long by 6' or 18' deep. Changes direction of cut instantly and cleanly. Use it in the 4' mode to make your big cuts, then quickly switch it to the 2' mode for creative sculpting. Convenient switch is located directly on the tool.

Included in the kit: variable power and internally fused commercial power supply along with four 2'+ and four 4'+ long life Hot Wire blades, as well as 3 snap-clamps for storage allowing the user to convert the Compound Bow Cutter into a workbench cutter for accurate slicing of foam. Quickly collapses for shipping and storage.

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EPS Expanded Polystyrene Foam Blocks


Hot Wire Foam Factory tools work best on low density rigid polystyrene foams, like Styrofoam, white beaded EPS, and XPS foams (blue and pink board).

Expanded polystyrene is also known as EPS or bead-board foam and extruded polystyrene foam is also known as XPS or insulation foam. EPS foam is made up of little beads which vary in size according to the density, weight and strength of the foam. EPS is often used to insulate electrical appliances when they are shipped. XPS foam is smooth and also comes in various densities. These foams are often found in building supply stores and packaging supply outlets as they are used for insulating walls in homes and for padding in packages. There are two major brand names of XPS foam used for insulation: Owens-Corning's Foamular is sometimes known as pink board and DOW Chemical's Styrofoam is sometimes known as blue board - these are XPS foams that are used for insulating.

The tools will also cut expanded polypropylene (EPP) and flexible foam like polyethylene (PE) foam. The Hot Wire tools will cut many kinds of foam, but always check with the foam manufacturer to make sure there are no health or safety hazards when using hot wire tools.