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Latex Rubber FMF 5 Gal(20L) (223625)
Mold-Craft latex rubber is tapped from rubber trees in Burma, much like maple syrup is tapped from trees. Mold-Craft is available in two forms: FMF Flexible Mold Facing and FMB Flexible Mold Backing consistencies. Packaged in 5 gallon (20 Litre) pail.

Product may freeze if exposed to colder temperatures during shipping. Customer must accept the risk or request to ship during warmer weather.

Ideally, FMF and FMB compounds are used in combination. FMF is applied as a first coat since its fine consistency allows for reproduction of the finest detail. This is followed by 5 to 6 additional coats of FMF (based on a 7' model). Then the FMB is applied on the final two coats.

The thicker coats provide additional strength extending mold production life. FMF can also be used on its own if desired. The FMB is approximately 12 -15 % thicker (cream consistency) than the FMF. FMF and FMB can both be made thicker by adding Thickso agent and agitating thoroughly.

FMF_Flexible Mold Facing:

  • 60 - 65% total solids
  • 0.7% ammonia and others added to provide extended shelf life
  • Compounded and pre-vulcanized
  • Consistency of milk
  • FMF Mold-Craft applications include: small rubber molds, masks, rubber gloves, dipping and brush-on, crafting, special FX, animation, etc.

Do not make too thick as Mold-Craft can lose some of its stretching qualities. Never add water as this will destroy your mold or object.

Note: Shrinkage in Latex Rubbers may occur due to the water in the Latex and the rate at which it is evaporated. Normally, a 3% shrinkage may be expected. However, should you dilute the Latex with water or attempt to accelerate the drying process with excessive heat, the shrinkage will consequently be excessive and result in distortion and cracking of the rubber mold.

Always prevent from freezing. Product will be shipped via heated service when required, additional charges may apply.