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Moulding Plaster No.1 Pail 6Lb (220000)
A general purpose plaster suitable for architectural, art, and support shell (mother mold) applications. Packaged in 6 Lb pail.

Often referred to as "Plaster of Paris" or soft plaster. Used for waste molds or temporary patterns where surface hardness and strength are not important. Screeds well under a template but is not as hard or strong as HYDROCAL cement.

Technical Properties:
Use Consistency (70 parts of water by weight per 100 parts plaster)
Dry Compressive Strength 2,000 psi
Maximum Setting Expansion 0.200%
Density Wet 99.0 lb/ft3
Density Dry 69.0 lb/ft3
Set Time (Hand Mix) 27-37 min.