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Home : Modeling Tools : Colourshapers Wallet Sets

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Colourshaper Wallet Set X-Firm #2 (206683)
Contains one of each five different colourshapers : Taper Point, Cup Round, Cup Chisel, Flat Chisel, Angle Chisel.
Firmness: Extra Firm Size: #2

Colour Shapers are extremely useful when working in the fine detail of your work, whether sculpting, model making or painting you can pick up the smallest amount of medium and control it with ease. The amazing durability of the silicone tip ensures years of use, your Colour Shaper will remain an essential tool in your creative toolbox.

Colour Shapers WIDE are ideal tools for faux finishing and other incredible decorative effects as well as gesso application, sculpting and bold statements on canvas. Move and texture colour of any medium in ways that have never been possible, paint on glass, sculpt and creatively decorate.


  • For acrylics, watercolours or drawing materials just dip the tip in water and wipe clean.
  • With stubborn colours wipe the tip with alcohol or solvent.
  • For oil-based paints and printing inks dip the tip in solvent and wipe clean.
  • Do not leave your Colour Shapers to soak in solvent.
  • If you forget to clean-up the tips, allow the paint or adhesive to dry, then simply peel it off.

Available in Five Shapes :

Taper Point
Apply and carve paint
Blend charcoal and pastel
Create clean linear strokes
Make broad forceful marks

Cup Round
Move heavy paint
Control thick colour
Create soft edged strokes
Blend pastel and charcoal

Cup Chisel
Adjust contours and edges
Carve paint
Remove paint

Flat Chisel
Blend paint
Mix paint on the palette
Create flat even strokes of colour

Angle Chisel
Create expressive strokes
Work from thick to thin
Make precise marks

3 Types of Firmness
IVORY TIP Soft and designed to be responsive with fluids and soft colours
GREY TIP Firm and offers a good amount of resistance for extraordinary control over polymer clay, heavy body and paste paints
BLACK TIP Much firmer and best suited to sculpting, ceramics and modelling