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* Price: $139.95

*All prices are in Canadian funds.
MPK-01 Light, Med Pro Kit 30g (206000)
The Med Pro Kit Series is a great starter kit for the Prosthetists and Artists who demand the utmost in realism and accuracy in their work.

FuseFX WS Matting Powder Technical Bulletin

FuseFX M_F_G_X Series Technical Bulletin

MPK-01 Light Med Pro Kit includes:

  • 15 grams of S-Series skin base S-301
  • 30 grams of M-102 Tan
  • 30 grams of M-105 Blush
  • 30 grams of M-108 Blue
  • 30 grams of LY-Series color
  • 30 grams of M-110 Clear
  • 85g of part "A"
  • WS-1, 1oz. Water Soluble Matting Powder
  • MSDS and Written instructions