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Pewter Metal 281F Lead-Free Ingot Form per Lb (203000)
A lead-free pewter metal suitable for general casting of figurines, miniatures, toy soldiers, costume jewelry, fishing lures, medallions, trophies, belt buckles, silverware, pewter-ware, etc. Smooth-On Mold Max 30, Mold Max 60 (tin cure), Dragon Skin 30, Smooth-Sil 935, Smooth-Sil 940, Smooth-Sil 950, and Rebound 25 (platinum cure) Silicone Rubbers are suitable for casting low melt alloys/metals such as pewter. Pewter will cure with slight expansion in mold.

Pouring ladles available in 12' size.

Note: Orders will be processed based on actual ingot weight.
Ingot weight may vary. Your order may be adjusted to reflect actual ingot weight.

When placing order enter number of ingots required into your cart

Melting Temp : 281F/138C
Casting Temp : 300F to 400F (149C to 203C)
Density : 0.3090 Lbs/in3 (8.56 g/cm3)
Composition: Tin (Sn) 42%, Bismuth (Bi) 58%
Average Ingot Size : 0.5' x 1' x 5.5'
Average Ingot Weight : .75 Lbs - 1.0 Lbs (340g to 454g)