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Pewter Metal 281F Lead-Free Ingot Form per Lb (203000)
A lead-free pewter metal suitable for general casting of figurines, miniatures, toy soldiers, costume jewelry, fishing lures, medallions, trophies, belt buckles, silverware, pewter-ware, etc. Smooth-On Mold Max 30, Mold Max 60 (tin cure), Dragon Skin 30, Smooth-Sil 935, Smooth-Sil 940, Smooth-Sil 950, and Rebound 25 (platinum cure) Silicone Rubbers are suitable for casting low melt alloys/metals such as pewter. Pewter will cure with slight expansion in mold.

Pouring ladles available in 12' size.

Note: Orders will be processed based on actual ingot weight.
Ingot weight may vary. Your order may be adjusted to reflect actual ingot weight.

Melting Temp : 281F/138C
Casting Temp : 300F to 400F (149C to 203C)
Density : 0.3090 Lbs/in3 (8.56 g/cm3)
Composition: Tin (Sn) 42%, Bismuth (Bi) 58%
Average Ingot Size : 0.5' x 1' x 5.5'
Average Ingot Weight : .75 Lbs - 1.0 Lbs (340g to 454g

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