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Cutter Stainless Steel Blade 6"x3" (251955)
Constructed from a stainless steel blade and wooden handle. General purpose clay cutter and scraper for use with clay, plaster and cement products. Size: 6" x 3"

* Price: $6.69
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Wood Rolling Pin (Large) 13" x 2.75" (251960)
Large rolling pin constructed from hardwood and nylon bearings. Ideal for rolling modeling clays used in the rubber mold making process. Size: 13" long x 2.75"dia.

* Price: $19.99
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Digital Angle Finder 16 inch (253018)
The Digital Angle Finder can be used to measure precise angles, draw cut marks as well as a power tool accessory. The digital LCD display indicates precise degree measurements (0.05 resolution) and an analogue quadrant. Always reads upright regardless of which way it is positioned. Pivoting blade can be locked at any angle. Measuring Range : 0 thru 225 ( can reach 360 if lock knob is removed). Allows for conversion from absolute and relative measurements. Powered by a 3V lithium battery (included). Size: 16 inch

* Price: $44.49
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Kwikee Pressure Sprayer 32oz can (797975)
The Kwikee® sprayer is an economical alternative to aerosols for dispensing release agents and sealing agents. It is a faster, labor-saving way to cover large models or molds and delivers sealing agent or release agent in a fine mist. Applying release agents using the Kwikee Sprayer delivers a much higher percentage of actual release agent to the surface. Offers the convenience of an aerosol and the savings associated with buying releases in bulk.

* Price: $121.99
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Reike Spout Valve Adapter Kit (798560)
Apply onto pop-out spout of 5 gallon container lid to dispense liquids. Controls product flow eliminating spillage as container is placed on its side during dispensing of liquids.

* Price: $13.49
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Drum Faucet 2" (798561)
Drum faucet controls product flow eliminating spillage as drum is placed on its side during dispensing of liquids.

* Price: $47.72
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Manual Dispensing Gun (used w/400 ml cartridges) (799028)
Dispensing guns hold Body Double®, Dragon Skin®, Ecoflex® and other 400 ml cartridges and forces the Parts A & B through a static mixing tube. Material is dispensed from cartridges by squeezing handles of the manual gun.

* Price: $102.00
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Electric Dispensing Gun (used w/400 ml cartridges) (799029)
Rechargable electric dispensing gun for 400 ml. cartridges. Excellent for frequent molders and larger projects.

* Price: $647.32
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