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Aqua-COLOR Black Pigment 3.5oz jar (800681)
Aqua-Resin, Aqua-COLOR Pigment Dispersions are made with artist grade permanent pigments. All pigments are lightfast and highly concentrated. The dispersions are available in black, white, red, yellow, and blue. Aqua-COLOR may be added "by eye" when pigmenting an Aqua-Resin mixture composed by volume of (1 "L" Liquid : 2 "S3" Powder). When adding "by eye", be careful not to exceed the point of maximum color saturation. Too much pigment will substantially slow the cure time. When pigmenting an Aqua-Resin mixture composed by weight of (1 "L" Liquid : 3 "S3" Powder) do not exceed 0.5% Aqua-Color for full saturation. Additionally, for cleaner whites, Aqua-Color White may be added up to 2% of the total mix. Note: Set times may lengthen depending on the percentage of Aqua-Color added. Size: 3.5oz jar Color: BLACK

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