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Permalac #770 Zero VOC Thinner Gallon (800581)
Permalac and Permalac EF are both available in ready-to-use spray cans, or they can be brushed on directly out of the can. However users who want to use a spray application of either Permalac or Permalac EF are advised to acquire Peacock Labs #281 Thinner for normal weather conditions, Peacock Labs #69 thinner for hot and humid conditions and Peacock Labs #500 Thinner for extreme conditions.

New #770 Zero VOC & lLow Odor Thinner recommended for Permalac EF,and also for indoor use with regular Permalac. The #281, #770 and #69 thinners should be mixed 1 part thinner to 4 parts Permalac, while at the most 10% of #500 is recommended. The reasons for thinner use are twofold. 1. Atomized Permalac can partially dry before it reaches the substrate. This can result in a "cobweb" appearance. 2. Fast drying Permalac can cool the substrate generating condensate to form under the coating. This can lead to an undesirable cloudy appearance. Size: Gallon

May require heated service subject to weather conditions. Additional shipping charges will apply. In such event customer will be notified.