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Free Form Detailer Fluid 5 Gallon 32Lb (799946)
Free Form DetailerŪ is a low viscosity sculpting enhancement liquid that makes adding details and detail effects to the surface of Free Form SculptŪ Epoxy Putty easy. DetailerŪ liquid enhances sculpting precision which allows you to quickly integrate dynamic strokes, fine lines, minute and repeating texture details (such as hair, fur, or feathering) as well as smooth, stamp and extrude, etc. DetailerŪ keeps epoxy putty from sticking to sculpting tools and will not pull or stretch the putty. Keeping tools clean means no build up and greater accuracy when sculpting. The more DetailerŪ you apply, the more workable the putty surface becomes; giving you a broader range of possible surface textures and finishes. Applied as a finishing coat, DetailerŪ will leave a glossy surface. Unlike water or general purpose solvents, DetailerŪ does not leave a chalky residue on uncured or cured epoxy and does not affect paint adhesion. DetailerŪ can also be used for clean-up and will help loosen and remove uncured epoxy from most solid surfaces. Size: : 5 Gallon 32Lb