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Skin-Tite Platinum Silicone Adhesive Pint Kit 2Lb (799456)
Platinum Silicone Bio-Adhesive & Appliance Builder Skin Tite is a versatile two-component silicone rubber product that can be used as follows :

1. A Bio-Adhesive to temporarily adhere platinum silicone appliances (such as wounds, scars, masks, prosthetic appliances and more) directly to human skin. Appliances bend and flex and will stay put until you take them off!

2. An "On Skin" Sculpting Medium - create wounds, scars, etc. directly on the skin! Skin Tite can be combined with Silc-Pig silicone pigments and a small amount of Thi-Vex thixotropic additive to create silicone appliances directly on the skin.

3. A Casting Medium for casting into molds to create molded, reusable appliances (wounds, scars, etc.). Cured Skin Tite is strong, stretchy and will move with the skin, even when affixed to hard to hold areas such as elbows, fingers and joints. It is ideal for repetitive motion applications. Skin Tite requires no release agent, even when applying to hair-covered skin surfaces. The tacky surface of the appliance can be eliminated with talc or alcohol-activated theatrical makeup.