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Smooth-Sil 940 Drum Kit 550Lb (799063)
Smooth-Sil 940 Food Grade is a Platinum Silicone with a shore hardness of 40. Smooth-Sil 940 is suitable for food related applications. See separate technical bulletin for usage instructions. Smooth-Sil 940 Platinum Silicone (platinum curative) cures at room temperature with no shrinkage. Exhibits good chemical, abrasion and heat resistance.

Smooth-Sil 940 is suitable for making baking molds and trays, ice trays, casting butter, chocolate and other applications used to produce foods. Smooth-Sil 940 has been tested by an independent laboratory to comply with the total extractive limits when properly processed and heat cured. Refer to the Smooth-Sil Platinum Series technical bulletin for proper processing instructions for Smooth-Sil 940 (available at www.smooth-on.com).
Post cure requirement; after rubber mold has been allowed to cure for 24 hours, expose to oven heat at 212° F / 100° C for 4 hours. Let cool and wash mold cavity thoroughly with dishwashing detergent/water solution. Rinse thoroughly and allow drying before using.

Compliance - The ingredients and ingredient levels in Smooth Sil 940 comply with 21 CFR 177.2600, rubber articles for repeated use subject to the total extractive limits as specified and published in the Code of Federal Regulations. FDA compliance does not mean that Smooth Sil 940 is FDA approved. To be approved, the user
must also comply with all applicable FDA requirements. Compliance with 21 CFR 177.2600 does not authorize use of the compound for the manufacture of baby bottle nipples.

Using Mold For Baking
· Place mold on a baking sheet for greater stability and handling.
· Do not expose rubber to temperatures above 400° F / 204° C. Do not subject molds to the broiler.
· Silicone rubber does not distribute heat evenly. Food in shallow molds will bake faster vs. deep draft molds. Thick sections will retain heat longer than thin sections. Check frequently for doneness on first use.
· Clean molds with soapy warm water and a soft sponge and rinse thoroughly between batches or prior to storing. You can dry the mold quickly in an oven. Bake for 5 minutes at 300°F / 150°C.

Smooth-Sil 940 Platinum Silicone may also be used for rapid prototyping, wax casting (foundries and candle makers), architectural restoration and for casting concrete.