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Pewter Black PB1 Patina 8oz (249083)
Blackener for pewter and tin alloys. Rapid room temperature reaction on cast pewter or tin plated surfaces. Size: 8 oz.

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All Birchwood Casey patinas are considered traditional patinas that will age or darken metal. These patinas are sold concentrated and should be diluted with distilled water (up to 50%) before use. A clear sealer should be applied when completed to protect the finish.

Birchwood Casey GEL Patina Solutions
GELS produce even patinas and work well on vertical surfaces.

GEL solutions for Bronze, Brass, and Copper :
Antique Black GEL (M-24)
Antique Brown GEL (M-38)

GEL solutions for Iron, Steel :
Presto Black GEL(PC-9).

Birchwood Casey LIQUID Patina Solutions
Available for spray, brush, and immersion patina applications.

Liquid solutions for Bronze, Brass, and Copper :
M-38 Spray, brush or immersion Brown Antiquing Solution
M-24 Spray or brush Black Antiquing Solution
M-20 Immersion Black Antiquing Solution

Liquid solution for Iron, Steel :
PC-9 Presto Black (Gun Bluing) spray, brush, or immersion solution

Birchwood Casey LIQUID Solutions for Aluminum :
A-14 Spray or brush Black Antiquing Solution for Aluminum
A-15 Immersion (dipping) Black Antiquing Solution

Birchwood Casey LIQUID Solution for Pewter :
PB-1 Black Antiquing Solution for Pewter