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Permalac Thinner No.500 32oz (249018)
Permalac Thinner No.500 is an excellent medium dry solvent/thinner which prepares surfaces prior to applying and spraying Permalac and Permalac EF lacquers. Mix Ratio: up to 10%. Size: Quart 32oz Hazmat

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Which thinner should I use with Permalac?
Permalac is a fast drying lacquer. This characteristic can cause condensation blush, webbing, or orange peel. In order to avoid those outcomes it is recommend that you thin Permalac when spraying, or when applying during hot weather. It's also recommended that you thin Permalac when applying over certain porous metal substrates to ensure penetration.

Deciding which Peacock thinner to use with Permalac is largely dependent on ambient conditions and application methods. When thinned correctly, Permalac should set dry to the touch in 5 to 10 minutes. This gives the coating enough time to flow smooth, while still promoting a fast turnaround time.

Recommendations for thinning Permalac
#281 Thinner
Use when the ambient temperature is 50° to 65° F. Thin Permalac 20% when spraying. No thinner will be needed for brushing.
#69 Thinner
Use when the ambient temperature is 66° to 85° F. Thin Permalac 20% when spraying. If the Permalac is drying too quickly, and you notice blush or any other adverse effects you can increase this to 30%. When brushing thin 10%.
#500 Thinner
This will make the Permalac take around an hour to set up. Use between 5% and 10%.

Permalac Wood & Metal Adhesion Test

Permalac Salt Water Test

Permalac Surface Preparation

Permalac UV Resistance Testing

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