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Blue Patina Activator 4oz (248149)
Blue Patina Activator is a water base acidic solution which is applied over the Reactive Metallic Paints. The activator will react with the real metal particles in the paints, thus speeding up the oxidation process. The Blue Patina Aging Solutions can be applied to Copper or Bronze Metallic Paints. These paint and aging solution combinations will create a beautiful, authentic Blue Patina. Size: 4oz

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Q: My paint store said I can use Metal Effects® over any primer. Is this true?
A: This is not true. When using Metal Effects® you must use our Metal Effects Primer. This primer has been formulated to handle the Patina/Activators in the Metal Effects® line. When you use a regular primer/sealer under Metal Effects®, you risk the finish being pushed off, the substrate reacting, or an undesirable finish color.

Q: Why is my Patina not the same all over?
A: When using our Metal Effects® Reactive Paint and Patina/Activators you will want to remember two key tips. The first is you want to keep your paint coats as uniform as possible. If you have a heavier coat in one area and a thinner coat in another you will see a difference in your patina color after it has been activated. The second is depending on when an area was painted and activated can also have an affect on the look of your finish. Time of day, time of year and weather can all have an affect on the outcome of your finish. If you are working on several separate pieces and you want them to have a similar look, finish them in as close of a time frame as possible.

Q: Do I have to seal my Metal Effects® finishes?
A: Applying Permacoat Xtreme, a protetive sealer and top coat is highly recommended over the Iron/Rust Finish. Particularly on interior surfaces where there may be contact or exterior surfaces to prevent runoff of the rust finish caused by rain or sprinklers onto surrounding areas. It is not necessary to seal/topcoat the Copper/Green Patina or Bronze/Blue Patina finishes, except if the patina surface is subject to repeated hand contact, such as hand rails.

Q: Can I use Metal Effects® on galvanized steel and aluminum?
A: We recommend applying one coat of Zinsser® Bulls Eye 1-2-3® or Rust-Oleum Sierra Performance Griptec to these substrates, then apply two coats of Metal Effects Primer and continue the finish per instructions.

Q: Will the Metal Effects® Patina/Activators work on real metal?
A: Metal Effects® Patina/Rust Activators will work on some actual metals (e.g., iron, copper rain gutters and down spouts) provided they are not alloys. Most alloys (e.g., copper piping) are tarnish resistant and in most cases will not work with Metal Effects® Patina/Rust Activators. When working with these metals you would want to apply the complete Metal Effects® system.