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* Price: $795.00

*All prices are in Canadian funds.


Master Hot Knife Kit w/Hard Case (226700)
The Hot Knife Master Foam Carving Kit cuts both Expanded and Extruded Foam. Cuts are fast, clean and accurate. Heats up cutting blades in seconds. The Original Hot Knife features a spring-loaded safety trigger. Ships with highest quality post mount blades in the industry.

Hot Knife Master Foam Carving Kit includes:
#HKT Original Hot Knife Foam Cutter 105 watts (transformer powered), lightweight @ 1Lb
#450 4-1/2" Straight Blade
#550 5-1/2" Straight Blade
#G50 1/2" Curve Blade
#G75 3/4" Curve Blade
#G75SP 3/4" Curve Blade with Lip
#SPV 3/4" V Groove Blade with Lip
#G100 1" Curve Blade
#SPSQ 3/4" Square Groove Blade with Lip
#STOPS Short Ceramic Depth Stop
#STOPL Long Ceramic Depth Stop
CaseH Hard Case

* This is a limited-time-use hot knife tool.

To avoid overheating and damaging the hot knife, depress the trigger for 15 seconds, then release the trigger for 15 seconds. Continue this cycle for a maximum of 5 minutes. Then let the hot knife rest for 2-1/2 minutes. Using the knife longer than 5 minutes at a time will cause heat damage and is not covered by the warranty.

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