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Drystone Ultimate 10 Lb Pail (220204)
Drystone is a fast-setting gypsum cement that provides strong, durable casts without the need for dryers, when mixed at the recommended use consistency. It also provides an environmentally-sound alternative to resin-based products and casts with reduced breakage compared to conventional plaster and gypsum cement products. Packaged in 10 Lb container.

No drying required cast, paint, package, and ship in one day.
Excellent duplication of fine detail.
Can be painted or decorated within 2-4 hours of demolding.
Highest compressive strength of any product offered.
Highest early "green strength" of any product offered.
Excellent alternative to polyester resin.
Use for solid cast pieces.

Technical Properties:
Use Consistency (18-20 parts of water by weight per 100 parts plaster)
Dry Compressive Strength (oven-dried) 16,000 psi
Dry Compressive Strength (two day ambient) 10,000 psi
Maximum Setting Expansion 0.275%
Density Wet 130.0 lb/ft3
Density Dry 128.0 lb/ft3
Working Time (After Mix) 5 - 10 min.
Demold Time (After Set) 15 - 25 min.