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Metalcraft Magazine Issue:No.13 2009 (213)
Metalcraft is a glossy 48-page, quarterly magazine which features articles on many facets of metalworking, including projects. The articles and projects focus on welding, fabricating, casting, engineering, machining, bending, forging and polishing, among other processes of metalwork. Metalcraft features articles encouraging an "I can do it" attitude. Metalcraft has articles that empower the reader, whether they are a beginner or an experienced metalworker, in order to accomplish more in the workshop with better results. It is a trusted source for the what, where, and how of tools, materials and services of metalworking. Metalcraft Magazine Issue_No.13 2009 features :
Illumination - Yolanda vanderGaast uses a symbol as a device for inspiration
Metal 101 - A guide to welding aluminum
Facts about an MRI scan
How to choose a plasma system
On-the-job Review - three tools put to work in the real world
Tech Tips - 12 things to know about extension cords

A Project in Pictures - The restoration of a Holy Book
Textures in Steel - Practice forging finishes on metal
Your Project - Turning bikes into art-on-wheels

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The art of tidy caulking