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Home : Metal Leafing : Metallic Powder Statuary Bronze

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Statuary Bronze Metallic Colored Powder bulk 1Lb (203832)
The essence of this versatile ultra fine metallic colored mica powder is its ability to give you a true look of metal in any mixed medium. True metal powders have a brilliance that cannot be achieved with Mica Powders. Size: 1oz Color: Statuary Bronze


  • Metallic colored powders retain the look and feel of metals.
  • Unsealed, Pale Gold, Brass, Copper, Bronze and Statuary Bronze will patina or oxidize and give a rich antique look to your artwork.
  • Metallic colored powders can be annealed in the oven. This works on items which will not burn at 300 degrees F for 5 minutes. This technique lends itself well to polymer clay.
  • Can be blended to create faux finished surfaces and create faux patinas.
  • Mixing with liquid mediums creates the consistency and look of metallic paint.
  • Will take on the characteristics of the medium they are mixed with, whether it is a gloss, flat, frosted or iridescent finish.


  • Work in a well ventilated area. (For added protection wear a dust mask.)
  • Use a small scoop or spoon to remove powder versus pouring the powders from the jar.
  • When using a brush to apply powders to a surface, use a damp brush. This keeps the powder on the brush until time of application.
  • When possible, mix small amounts of metal colored powders with liquid to liquefy the powders using a palette knife to avoid clumping.
  • Mix only the amount that is going to be used immediately. Certain water-based sealers will cause the metallic colored powders to tarnish if left in the liquid form.