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Deluxe Full Alanna Female Head Foam Armature Life-Size (203496)
The Deluxe Full Alanna Head Foam Armature is life-size and made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam making it suitable for medium to large sized mask sculptures. This new design has partial shoulders and an elongated neck which compensates for latex mask shrinkage. Please note: This product is handcrafted. As such there are some minor cosmetic imperfections inherent in the manufacturing process that do not impact the sculpting process. Most forms have some minor blemishes. The Alanna Head is perfect for mask display. To use as a sculpting base we recommend filling the form with Hydrocal White gypsum to extend the service life.


Size: 18" H x 13" W x 10"D
Head Circumference: approx. 23" @ brow
Weight: 3 Lbs.


The Alanna Foam Head Armature is made of hollow, rigid, polyurethane foam and features an elongated neck. This form is ideal for mask display. With care, the armature can also be used as a base for sculpting various mask designs in clay.

To use as a sculpting base, we recommend filling the hollow space with Hydrocal White gypsum to extend the service life. To keep the surface of the foam clean, we recommend covering it with a plastic bag secured with rubber bands before applying any clay. Used with proper care, your deluxe head form is reusable and can last for years.

The Alanna Head measures 17" H x 12" W x 9.5" D with a circumference at the brow of 22" approximately.