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* Price: $43.99

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Movie Blood Slime 32oz (203420)
This is the bloody version of our popular Creature Movie Slime. Excellent for those bloody digusting Movie scenes. Makes a very tacky and stringy slime with long threads when pulled. Used by many film productions to create a very organic looking efffect in scenes where creatures exude body fluid that stretches and moves realistically. Also makes great sticky drool and birthing fluids etc. Use whenever a highly organic stretchy goo is required. Movie Blood Slime comes in an extra, heavy body consistency which can be thinned with water to create a more pourable consistency.

May require heated service subject to weather conditions. Additional shipping charges will apply. In such event customer will be notified.

We also offer this product as Clear Creature Slime, Alien Green Slime and Black Slime.